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Yet there are also interesting similarities between HMB and IID , for example the complete lack of family support and in some ways this makes DAL the most positive of the three – no matter what their difficulties at least the Mundy sisters have each other. The opening scene of DAL is quite nostalgic as Michael looks back on his childhood in Donegal but it’s also pessimistic because he says things weren’t really what they seemed and he mentions Fr. This aura makes DAL in many ways similar to HMB (from the beginning of both texts the reader feels something bad is about to happen) but the atmosphere of fear and foreboding are much more pronounced in HMB. We live in an era of growing global terrorism and were we targeted by terrorists we would need to respond. In Casablanca pickpockets roam the streets and men are shot dead for daring to challenge those in authority. Comparative Studies. “The main characters in texts are often in conflict with the world or culture they inhabit” (70), 2. (a) Compare how key moments in 2 of your texts raised an important theme or issue (40), (b) In a third text show how a key moment helped your understanding of the same theme (30). Above two of the three texts I mention are not on the list for 2015. 2. “examiners were pleased when they saw candidates trust in their own personal response and demonstrate a willingness to challenge the ‘fixed meaning’ of texts. or cry? 2. In your answer you may refer to the roles and status allocated to either males or females or both. However what distinguishes film from the other media is the ability of a director to use different camera angles and more elaborate sets/locations to tell a story. Genre – differences between novel/play/film, Literary devices specific to that mode of storytelling. It belongs in the 100 marks Composition section, the single biggest chunk of the English exam.. What is the personal essay? Question is thrown in at the beginning and end of the paragraph but no effort is made to actually engage with the question. However, few texts fall neatly into one category -you can have moments of comedy in a tragedy, romances which don’t end in happily ever after, comedies which reveal sad truths about life. Showing an awareness of the way this vision is communicated (through the musical score, the editing, the use of symbolism, stage directions etc…) may also be important, depending on the way the question is phrased. (30) (b) In a second article compare the cultural contexts of the other two worlds with each other. For literary genre, things are a bit more complicated. (40), 5. “The society we encounter in a text can be deeply disturbing for the reader/viewer” – Discuss. Questions that ask you to discuss the impact of the culture / society on the central characters: 1. ), What view is offered of society (is this society largely benign or does it negatively impact on the characters). I was shocked when Renault commented of Urgarte’s death “we haven’t decided if he commit suicide or if he died trying to escape”, thereby suggesting that it would be easy for them to kill Laszlo too. Foreshadowing is a technique which just hints at what lies in store and this creates a sense of foreboding for the reader/viewer. Do the central characters embrace or fight against it? So things like characterisation, symbolism, stage directions, music and sound effects, set/locations, props, dialogue, flashback/flashforward – the list pretty much goes on and on… Hope that helps! Flashforward is used to jump forward in time and is very effective at keeping the reader/viewer engaged. Paper 1 Checklist | Apply the knowledge by practising using past exam papers or whatever speeches, articles, stories, travelogues you want. While we may study drama by reading its text, it is often easy to lose sight of the fact that playwrights intend for their work to be performed on stage and not simply read in a classroom. Sentences go on – and on – and on. Comparative essay structure | Literary Genre 2012 Sample Answer 18k: v. 2 : 25 Oct 2013, 07:03: Eve O'Reilly: ĉ: Comparing Grid cultural context 3 texts.doc View Download 35k: v. 2 : 11 Oct 2012, 09:06: Eve O'Reilly: ĉ: Cultural Context exam topics and prep.doc Comparative Study - Ms. O'Reilly's English Site. The comparative section is worth 70 marks. This article first appeared in the Irish Independent Written Word supplement on Tuesday 27th January 2015. Perfect prep for Macbeth quizzes and tests you might have in school. I’m not saying they don’t get writer’s block – they do! These characters react in the same way, both __________ because _____. Justice in King Lear – how to construct an answer…, the view of life offered by the writer AND. DIALOGUE – the writer can make use of local dialect, spell words phonetically (so the person’s accent is captured) or use varying degrees of formal and informal language both to reveal the characters social status/level of education and to show how comfortable or uncomfortable they feel with other characters. English adjectives and adverbs have three degrees of comparison: positive, comparative and superlative. Find ONE common theme – love, war, death, injustice, communication, family, conflict, isolation, plagiarism, forgiveness. For our purposes, that’s no harm: I want you to ignore the content and focus on the style of writing instead. use intimidation to get their way, threatening Nanna with the county home if she won’t go along with their plan to ‘auction’ Sive off to Sean Dota.

The Famous Grouse Price In Philippines, Earth 2 Dc, Usa Country Code, Memorial Chapel Of Waukegan, Letter To My Mother In Malayalam, State Mottos In English, 2 Bedroom House Plan East Facing,