EUROSURFACES PORTUGAL S. A. is a recent and firmly established company in Portugal. It is the direct successor of RMC (Revestimentos de Mármores Compactos, S.A.), which was established in 1980 and has always been widely recognized nationally and internationally for being a producer of high quality reconstituted marble. RMC by Eurosurfaces is manufactured using the patented Bretonstone Technology and is a supplier of recognised construction projects.


Eurosurfaces team has reached today a high-level of experience in the engineered stone technology, in its sales strategy, the fabrication and last but not least on-site application. We are a medium size corporation, very flexible in satisfying our clientele needs and consumer requirements. Of high importance is our tailor-made approach, which capitalizes on a smart combination of our experience in business, production, fabrication and installation.



RMC by EUROSURFACES products are ready to be used in a variety of industries. In both residential and commercial projects it is ideal for its high-quality, durability, hygienic appearance and exclusive design, e.g. for bathroom vanity tops, tiles, wall cladding and exterior application. The technology used allows the production of customized and larger formats for coverings, as well as the production of special pieces such as skirting, borders, staircases, window sills, vanity and table tops, fireplaces, furniture, etc.

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