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Adhesive | A1 – White

Frost resistant, highly flexible and modified adhesive which is tested and highly recommended for gluing engineered marble RMC and engineered quartz horizontally and vertically in internal and external environments. The adhesives can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens in additions to areas under thermal stress such as underfloor heating.

Technical information:

Shelf life:                                                18 months (if stored in a dry place)

Open time:                                             min. 30 minutes

Pot life:                                                   3 – 4 hours depending on weather

Grouting:                                               Walls after 1 day and floors after 3-4 days depending on weather

Traffic ability:                                       Low traffic ability after 2 days and full traffic ability after 2 days

Granularity:                                          0 – 0,4 mm White

Usage:                                                    appr.  4,5-5 kg / sqm

Packaging:                                            25 kg