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Grout | G1

Available in different colours compatible with RMC products

Flexible and highly water resistant grout especially tested for engineered marble RMC and engineered quartz which is suitable for walls and floors in internal and external environments. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and public spaces, it eliminates clogging thus improving the hygiene of the area and the tiles. It can also be used for areas with underfloor heating.

Technical information:

Shelf life:                                                18 months – if stored in a dry place

Pot life:                                                    2 hours depending on weather

Traffic ability:                                        After 24 hours

Working load:                                       After 7 days

Compressive strength:                        min. 15 MPa

Granularity:                                           0 – 0,3 mm

Recommended thickness of joint:     2 – 20 mm

Usage:                                                      0,3 – 0,8 kg / sqm

Packaging:                                               5 kg

Dilution:                                                  1 kg : 0,22-0,26 l of water