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Waterproofing | WP1

Waterproofing with easy processing intended for wet areas in internal usage (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, showers). They are to be applied horizontally and vertically on cement plaster, concrete, plasterboards… They create a substrate for bonding engineered stones. For spaces with increased moisture, the floor should be sloped towards a drainer avoiding any possible water retention between the waterproofing and the adhesive/tiles. They are suitable for areas with underfloor heating.

Other important information:

Shelf life:                                   18 months (if stored in a dry place, protected from frost)

Gluing:                                       after 24 hours

Adhesion to substrate:           min. 1 MPa

Relative elongation:                min. 35 %

Usage:                                        1,20 kg / sqm / 2 layers

Packaging:                                 24 kg